Apartmani Lav - House rules

Apartmani Lav

House rules

  • Entering the apartment: from 14h
  • Departure from the apartment: up to 12 h.

  • Guests are obliged to guard the apartment, inventory and installations.
  • Any damage incurred must be reimbursed.
  • Guests should not cause unpleasant noise, noise and disturb public order and peace.
  • This applies particularly from 14 to 17h and from 22h to 09h.
  • In apartments it is possible to receive visitors smoothly if they are kept in the house.
  • Apartments Lav have the right to cancel the use of the apartment to the guest in case of non-maintenance of the house order and declare it "undesirable".

  • Our goal is to make every guest feel satisfied, like at home!
    Sincerely yours apartments in Belgrade, Apartmani Lav.